Vocabulary Lesson!

PunnyRabbit here!

Today while surfing the World Wide Web, I came across a word I had never thought of.

To preface this, let me just ask this: every English-speaking human (or other sentient being. I mean, who knows, some alien from Betelgeuse may speak English) knows that words like “disapproving” and “approving” are opposites of each other. (Other words of this sort include “discontent” and “content,” “disbelieving” and “believing,” “disinfecting” and “infecting,” “dispositive” and “positive,” etc. etc. etc.)

The prefix “dis-” means “opposite” or “not”. (Which is contrary to how my generation loves to use it, as in the sentence Dis gurl hawt, brah,” unlike how it should be used, as in “I always manage to obtain a disappointed look from my calculus teacher whenever I forget to turn in my homework.” See the difference?) So it would stand to reason that any adjective with the prefix “dis-” in front of it would mean the opposite if the “dis-” was taken away?

My logic is sound, so it seems, because today I came across a word I had never thought of. And that word is “gruntled.”


We all (hopefully) know the word “disgruntled.” But who here has ever used the word “gruntled?” I haven’t, and I *toots horn* consider myself well-read.

Use gruntled in a sentence, you ask? I answer with this:

He walked, a gruntled smile plastered across his face; Allison had finally given him something he had always wanted: a Van Doren V16 size 3 reed.

And so, my readers, I hope you absorbed this information, and now have a new word strapped into your arsenal of word-weapons. I am so gruntled that you took the time out of your day to read this!

Thanks! Time for me to bunny-hop away! (GD)


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