He Who Must Not Be Named

And I don’t mean our good friend Voldy from Harry Potter. I’m talking about a name older, more sinister, and even more accursed than the Dark Lord himself…

I can’t say it.

I can’t tell you. I just can’t. It’s Cursed! People have DIED from this…


There. Happy? I certainly hope so because I just CURSED my theater for you. Now hold on for a bit while I spin in circles outside while chanting curses before spitting on the ground in order to remove the curse I just placed on the theater for the sake of a blog post.

Okay. I’m Back. And I guess I’d better explain myself.

So The Scottish Play (as the above play is referred to because, as I said, the name is cursed) is a play written by Shakespeare. It is said that the first time it was performed, the performer playing the leading lady died during the show, and Shakespeare had to finish the show in that actor’s place.

As legend tells it, the REAL witches’ secrets were given away in the show, so if anyone names it while in a theater, the witches will lay a curse on that theater that can only be lifted by going outside, turning in a circle 3 times, spitting, cursing, and then knocking on the door and pleading to be allowed back in.

Shakespere Witches

You don’t believe me, do you? Well I have proof!

My friend (whose blog can be found here if you wish to ask him about this story) said the name of The Scottish Play before our company’s production of The Sound of Music. Not only did a huge set piece run over his foot, but one of the Nazis forgot ALL of his lines, and Brigitta VonTrapp got “Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So…” out of order!

If that’s not cursed, I don’t know what is.

So next time you step into a theater, DON’T CURSE IT!!! Refrain from the use of the the name of a certain murderous and tyrannical Scottish general.

And If you really want to read more about theater curses and superstitions, click here.

If you want to know more about the play itself, click here, and then be happy that I am excited that I got someone new interested in Shakespeare!

Catcha later alligator,

Splinter (MK)


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