The Unexpected Journey

Hi, Streamy here to give you a friendly info update on the things that you don’t usually think of. I usually try to find something or talk about something that pertains to the everyday occurrence in a ordinary teenage life. So, not too long ago, I was at school and everybody was gone. My P.E. teacher thought it was a prank because no one said “here” for 10 people straight. Everyone was sick, and when I sat down for lunch I pulled out an apple. Before I ate it I asked myself, was it really clean?

How are we supposed to know where our apples have been?

Well it all starts out on a orchard. The apples are grown and plucked from the tree when they are ripe. They are put into crates and onto a truck. The Truck ships them to wherever it needs to be and then it ends up in a store. So before you eat an apple, know that it could have touched anything along the way. Wash your apples.

TC out.


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