Behind the TV

We all love to watch the TV right? It can provide hours, and even days of straight entertainment. But humanity everyday fails to realize when we look at the TV, what is it really made of? Does any average person know what the TV is made of, or how it projects the images? Well, when one really thinks about it, an average person cannot answer these questions.

First, the most basic part of the TV, is the small pixels that show on the screen to form a picture on the screen. Another part of the TV is the receiver that shows and transmits the pictures and signals of the TV. The plasma TV as described by WiseGeek is,”A plasma screen television consists of a number of tiny cells filled with neon and xenon gases. Each cell is linked to an electrode, which, when fired, excites the gases contained in the cell. The gases emit charge particles, much like the ion gun, that interact with phosphors coating the glass inside each cell. The phosphors light up, creating the image seen on the television screen. The large number of cells in a plasma screen makes for a great number of pixels, rendering a clearer and brighter image.” This is the way that a TV works. Thank you. TC


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