Best Day Ever (Better Than Spongebob)

This weekend, I had the incredible opportunity to go to the Lenaea Theater Festival, a huge convention celebrating performing arts throughout California. 62 high schools came to the Harris Center for the Arts in Folsom, California for a weekend of performances, workshops, and bonding.

In essence, each school brings 1 one-act (a short play with no intermission), 4 monologues (1 person speaking onstage), 2 duologues (2-person scenes), and 3 musical pieces (like a monologue, but sung). Each performance is done in front of a pair of respondents (judges) who watch each performance and then critique it.

Now, I didn’t know quite what was “mind-blowing” about this festival itself, but it was definitely blog-worthy, so I found something.

The real world is a harsh but awesome place.

Let me explain. I attended a workshop for directing. The workshop teacher, Jason Bortz, told us all about his crazy experiences in both acting and directing in Hollywood and on Broadway. I already knew that it was hard to get cast in movies and plays, but when he explained it, I truly realized for the first time how tough it is for someone getting started in the acting world.

Jason Bortz also told a story of how he got called back 5 times for a show, only be turned down because Neil Patrick Harris got the part! Crazy, right?

Another incredible thing about Lenaea, is that everyone there is a theater fanatic as well. I usually don’t walk around town singing Wicked, Phantom of the Opera, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Beauty and the Beast, etc. at the top of my lungs in a perfect 3-part harmony with a bunch of kids i met ten minutes ago, but I did this weekend. I didn’t have to stifle my inner theatre geek around other people out of fear of being put in a nuthouse, I could just let it go (tee hee).

So, in short, Lenaea was the most eye-opening and unexpected thing that could ever have happened to me, but also probably one of the incredible.

Thank you all for reading!

Catcha later alligators,

Splinter (MK)


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