Same Differences

Hey it’s FozzyBear.. Yes, the title, I know…An oxymoron.. I know, but if you think about it almost makes sense. We’ve all had those moments where we feel like we know exactly what we’re talking about. You decide you wanna show off how sharp you are in the subject.

Turns out you have no Idea what you’re talking about. You almost immediately are ridiculed for it. In the end, you really just had two entirely different things mixed up. You respond with “same difference!”

The use of this oxymoron is an indirect way of saying you admit you were wrong, but that it was a reasonable mistake. If you look at it in a literal way you realize it almost makes sense. Well sorta… If you look at  two absolutely opposite objects you realize the have the same differences. They are the same in the fact the have the same differences. Yup, makes perfect sense. So the next time you’re in a situation where you mistake two absolutely unalike things, just say, “Same Difference!” Fozzybear out!!!! (EF)


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