Squishy Gods

PunnyRabbit here!

To be a god is to be immortal, yes? To have omnipotent powers? To be able to create life from death?

There are some little squishy gods swimming in our ocean.

This is a jellyfish.


And this is the turritopsis dohrnii, a special type of jellyfish.


This jellyfish is nicknamed the immortal jellyfish. It has “omnipotent” powers; they can revert to a stage in their life cycle in which they can live for longer.

What do I mean by this? As the jellyfish ages, it becomes mature, as in sexually mature. This causes a lot of stress on its body (as it does for all biological life forms). They advance in their life, from a baby (polyp) to a mature adult (the picture above), as is normal for any life form.

What makes it special is what happens after it matures. Once the jelly has reproduced, it decides to revert back into its immature polyp state. It goes from baby to adult back to baby again. That, my people, is the Fountain of Youth, the secret to Immortality.

So next time you look in the mirror, all sad about growing up, just remember: at least you don’t have to be a crying, poopy baby again.

Ciao! (GD)


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