No, not the ghost dog from The Nightmare Before Christmas, nor the product of zero and a number, but the actually idea of zero. This is PB & J with Zero. The idea of Zero is that there is a number that can represent the middle spot, neutrality, nothingness. The space between life and death, production and declination, light and darkness.The grey area. Zero allows the numbers to cycle and have a beginning. “With the exception of the Mayan system, whose zero glyph never left the Americas, ours is the only one known to have a numeral for zero. Babylonians had a mark for nothingness, say some accounts, but treated it primarily as punctuation. Romans and Egyptians had no such numeral either.” You see Zero is very unique in this time period. Zero was first documented by a French scholar named George Coedès in 1931. He was assigned with labeling K-127, a stone tablet that although not 100% deciphered, clearly had a date of 605 in the ancient calender. Now translated into A.D., it reads A.D. 683 and survived the demolishing of over 10,000 artifacts in Khmer Rouge’s rule of terror. This number is the beginning, the end, and the middle. This is Zero.

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