The Importance of Music

Hey guys! PunnyRabbit here!

So today my symphonic band had a concert, and we played pretty well (taking into account the fact that we had never actually completely played through the pieces we performed). The alto saxes, my section, did rather well, better than I thought we would. We played two pieces: “Undertow” by John Mackey, and “Canticle of the Creatures” by Jim Curnow. Listen to them below!

Being surrounded by all that music, performing it, made me realize, that music is more important to our daily lives than we think it is.

I found this really cool blog, about a guy named Dotan Negrin, who is traveling the world playing the piano, in which he describes the importance of music. This pretty much sums up what I want to say, but I want to reiterate some and add a few more.

In the blog, he says that “music is the key to creativity.” Which, in actuality, is true, since it has been proven that music helps stimulate our imagination and help us think of things we normally wouldn’t


Negrin also makes another really good point: that music is a universal language. Music is written the same in every country in the entire world. Isn’t that cool? If a person from halfway across the world joined our band and played through pieces with us, they would be able to play the exact same as any of us (skill not a factor, of course). There would be no translation, no reiteration, none of that. Music is universal; it’s a unifying medium.


Not only that, but music can make you feel. Music causes emotions, moods, feelings. Have you ever been in a happy, joyful mood, but all of a sudden a sad song about lost love comes on, and you begin to feel the raw pain of the song? Have you ever been utterly depressed, but when an upbeat song comes on, you feel a little better? That’s the music– the sound stimulates your emotions! So next time you’re sad, play some happy songs. Maybe it’ll help.


Music is also a unifier. It brings people together. Everyone in a restaurant will tap their foot or bob their head to the rhythm of the small jazz band playing in the corner. Even in clubs, everyone dances to the tunes put out by that rockin DJ. Music is why I have a lot of my friends; band brought us together. And I think that’s pretty rad: that one simple thing can cause relationships to form.


I love music. I love listening to music, playing it, being immersed in it. Music is sometimes my lifeline, my escape, my way of relaxing, my favorite medicine. Honestly, I don’t know how I’d get through each day without some measure of music sprinkled around.

Thank you so much for reading! PunnyRabbit out!

Also, please leave comments about some of your favorite songs/pieces! See you next time! (GD)


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