Mommy, How is Creativity Born?

Today, I scooped myself a bowl of ice cream. But it wasn’t just any old bowl of ice cream, because I crushed up some Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies and mixed them in. Pretty ingenious, right?

And that got me thinking… Where did that idea come from? How did the creativity that inspired it come about? Was I born to be creative, or was I taught?

So I did a bit of research.

And this is what I found:

  • There are certain genes in the human genome that code for greater brain “elasticity”, or the ability of the brain to break and create connections. These genes can be passed from generation to generation, meaning that creativity can run in the family.
  • BUT just because you don’t have a creative family, doesn’t mean you can’t be creative at all. To some extent, you can improve your creative abilities! Be curious, don’t be afraid to take some risks, build your self-confidence, and play improv games.

And it may take time to develop creativity, but once you get rolling, it gets easier. Soon enough, you’ll come up with some interesting ideas of your own. Want to know more about the science behind creativity? Check out this Discovery News video. Want to see creativity at work? Check out the Awesome Inventions website!

Want to see my favorite kind of creativity? Check out our other blog posts! Not to brag, but my fellow bloggers are pretty dang creative.

Catcha later alligators,

Splinter (MK)


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