Red Fish, Blue Fish

Hello readers! PunnyRabbit here!

So I do hope y’all know the whole Dress fiasco. Is it blue and black? Is it white and gold?? Who knows?? Well the thing is, that in that picture, the background color is so ambiguous that it is up to the brain to light the dress in either natural lighting (causing the blue/black coloring) or artificial lighting (causing the white/gold coloring).

Anyways, discussing the dress is not what I want to accomplish since that’s just beating the dead horse.


(See, the horse is alive, because we didn’t beat it).

What I want to accomplish is to enlighten you all about the nature of how we all see color. More specifically, if we all see the same colors.

No, no, I’m not suggesting that what I see as blue you see as red (although I suppose that is a possibility). I’m suggesting that what I think of as a rich, royal blue, you may just see as a navy blue.


Or perhaps that luscious grass-green you see looks more like an emerald green to me.


This BBC article explains what I’m trying to say much better than I ever will. It also talks about tetrachromats, or people with an extra rod-type in their eye. Tetrachromats are hypersensitive to color; they see colors in things we would describe as mundane. Read the article for more information!


It is a little unnerving, really, to think that what I see may not be what you see. But it is also kind of fantastic; to think that each of us has a unique perspective, inherently, on the way we see the world is almost hope-inducing, as therefore we are each able to contribute something a little different, present a slightly unique idea, and improve the world through our unique perceptions.

What do you see that others don’t? Leave comments please!

Thanks for reading! Peace! (GD)


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