The Secret to Good Writing

I have never considered myself the best writer. I think essays are the worst, and thesis statements are darn near impossible for me. And don’t even get me started on conclusion paragraphs…


But there is a secret. One little thing that will make your writing life sooooooo much easier, creative writing especially. Something I am sure you’d never even considered.

Role-Playing Games.

I’m not even kidding. Those nerds who spend lunch playing Dungeons and Dragons are actually some of the best writers ever. But in all honesty, the most helpful kind of roleplay isn’t D&D (though it IS super fun), but the billboard-style, where you write something that responds to a situation, and you and the other characters involved get to work through that situation together.

What exactly is roleplay, you ask?

participation in a role-playing game.

Well there you go, that’s the definition.

Here is what I have found is so beneficial about roleplay:
  • It forces you to really get into a character’s shoes and determine how that character would act in a given situation. This is extremely useful when writing novels or plays, because it can tremendously improve the character developments.
  • You learn through your mistakes. If you mess something up and you aren’t understood, it helps you to realize how to fix that in your future writing.
  • You get a good sense of what “natural dialogue” sounds like. That is REALLY important in writing, in books and plays especially.

So that’s really all I’ve got to say about that. Try out roleplay! I know of some pretty good websites, and I’m on STF (that’s Star Trek, yes I’m a geek). Here is a website with a list of the best roleplaying sites online.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed it! If you know of any good roleplay games that other readers should try, leave a link in the comments!

Catcha later alligator,

Splinter (MK)


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