Hey ya’ll, thanks for taking the time to look at this blog. I go by the name of Fozzybear. It’s such an original name… Haha yeahh totally. I’m the one in the group who thinks outside the box. I mean I’m not in the box or anywhere near the box. I have my own box. I’m in fact the inspiration for the name of this box. It all a started with a two hour argument on the concept of nothing. It ended in the release of a spark. That spark ignited our flame of desire to create a blog and publicize are thoughts and views and share and receive comments from people other than who we are around. After all the second you think about nothing it becomes something. This blog is open to anyone who is open to being open minded. This should be a friendly non-hostile environment. Thank you, and I hope to see your comments on what we gotta say.

Fozzybear OUTTT!!!!Grizzly-Bear-HD-Wallpaper-9


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