Hey I am PB & Jelly! I specialize in finding unique information that does not always catch the eye. This collective group of peoples that I collaborate with all have the same ideals, to find the special gold nuggets found on the internet that does not initially spark your interest. For example, the highest price ever paid for a cow at an auction is $1.3 million! This young cow sold in East Montpelier, Vermont on July 14, 1985. That is $2,860,193.31 now! That is one pretty expensive female cow! The cow’s name, “Mist”, was a “Holstein cow hailed as the probable matriarch of a dynasty of star milk producers”. I honestly didn’t know that cows had dynasties! This is some pretty intense cow-producing.  Mr. Rappoport, Misty’s previous owner, said, “Misty is a show cow… She has a high pedigree, high index and her milk has a high butterfat content. She sold today not only for herself, but for her 14 pregnancies as well.” Just imagine having 14 pregnancies! Misty’s 5-6 offspring sold collectively of about $500,000. This is one special cow, ladies and gentlemen! If you read this, then thank you; if you just skipped to the bottom then READ THE WHOLE THING! Have fun reading about secretly crazy things and please check out our other posts. Thank you, and have a nice day, PB & Jelly.



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